How to buy

To make a purchase in Riviera online shop, you have to follow these steps.

  • Choose the item you like in the store
  • Push the "To cart" button, selecting the number and colour, if required
  • Move to cart
  • To confirm the purchase you need to create an account orlogin, если if you have registered before
  • After login, in "My cart" section go through the whole process of purchasing

How to receive a discount

We provide personal discounts to wholesale byers and a progressive discount system for individual clients.
Discount can vary and depends on the order's size. Lower you are able to observe a table, how the discount id formed.

Starting with sumDiscount
12 680.00 RUB3%
31 700.00 RUB5%
57 061.00 RUB7%
114 121.00 RUB10%

How to become a wholesale byer

If you are already registered as a regular customer, login and apply for wholesale buyer status in "My account" section. If you do not have an account, register as a wholesale buyer.

Bank details

If you need to make the payment via a bank, here we provide you with all our bank details.


Bank details


Bank details


Bank details


Bank details

How to remove an item from a cart

To remove an item from a cart, select the number of items — zero and push "Refresh".

If you have not found the answer, contact us and we will help you.